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Breathing Space Yoga  is excited about offering interesting workshops and groups that will promote health and wellness of mind, body, and spirit. Check this page regularly for upcoming workshops and groups. Some of the following workshops will be offered again in the near future due to popular demand.

Breathing Space Yoga & Wellness Services is hosting a workshop on “Tapping Into Freedom with Emotional Freedom Technique” facilitated by Wyn Andress.

WHEN:          Thursday, November 2nd, 2017

TIME:            7pm to 8:30pm

COST:            $25

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT aka Tapping) is a powerful tool that allows you to use your own energy to create shifts within your body and mind anywhere and any time.

EFT helps release fears, stress, and pain. It also restores energy, focus, and confidence. As a bonus you will learn tapping for body acceptance and healthy food relationship.

Must RSVP by October 31st. To register call Wyn at 905-869-1124 or e-mail wynnifred222@gmail.com or info@breathingspaceyoga.ca



Breathing Space Yoga & Wellness Services is hosting a FREE event –

“Spacious Sunday …Slow down…Savour…Connect…Breathe” with Wyn Andress

WHEN:          Sunday, November 8th, 2015

TIME:             2 to 4pm

In this busy world of DOing, DOing, DOing many of us find ourselves rushing about breathlessly with barely a moment to think, eat or sometimes, pee! If this sounds TOO FAMILIAR then I invite you to join us for a Spacious afternoon of getting out of your head & sloooowwwing down.

Just imagine….a time of QUIET & SPACIOUS! A grown-up ‘time-out’ to savour the moment & just BREATHE! Guests will be guided through a centering pranayama (breathing) followed by periods of silent contemplation of being present to the feeling of your hands wrapped around a warm cuppa… savouring the arorma & flavours as it glides over your tongue.
Participants will be encouraged to BREATHE deeply while taking time to be mindful as they gaze into a candle flame or the centre of a flower, noticing subtleties.

There will be a BRIEF period of quiet discussions, focusing on our passions & inspired thinking based on questions guests will choose upon arrival. You will be encouraged to refrain from discussing what you Do, the ‘To-do’s’ & existing problems, simply giving yourself permission to leave them at the door for a couple of hours.

We will close off with a guided relaxation. The intention, for 2 hours, is to step into a spacious experience of savouring life & just Being, while connecting with yourself & others.

SPACE IS LIMITED, with a maximum of 25 guests. This is a FREE EVENT, however, donations are accepted & will be donated to the local food bank.



Breathing Space Yoga & Wellness Services is excited to be hosting a workshop on Yoga Mudras with Tannice Goddard of Northumberland Yoga

WHEN:               Saturday, November 21st, 2015

TIME:                  1 – 3:30 pm

COST:                  $40

Like the asanas (poses), we can use mudras (hand gestures) – our own bodies – to help our general well being.

Mudras work whether we can “feel” them at work or not. Test Them out!

We will shape some mudras that use our whole bodies too, using the breath to welcome sensation of the space within.

Wear comfortable clothing that you can do yoga movements in. When doing the mudras, it is best not to have any clothing that is tight around the waist. If you need a special support for sitting, please bring it. Bring an open mind and see yourself getting comfortable, at ease. We will be stretching, as we need, on yoga mats.

Come to this welcoming space, ready to explore your own hidden treasures.

Tannice Goddard was trained in yoga at Esther Myer’s Yoga Studio in Toronto. She uses the principles of Vanda Scaravelli and the studio’s training as her base. The studio’s teachings have sustained her practice and the welcoming warmth and care of the teachers there. Many of them have dedicated their lives to teaching yoga; they’re a grateful gift. Those long term teachers have explored and put yoga to the test, always with ahimsa (non-harming) as one of their guiding principles. They are an inspiration. Tannice has taught for 20 years in Port Hope and Cobourg.

RSVP by Friday, November 20th.

For more information and to register please call Dina Pereira at Breathing Space Yoga & Wellness Services at 289-680-9642 or e-mail info@breathingspaceyoga.ca



Breathing Space Yoga & Wellness Services is excited to be offering a FREE workshop on

“Naturally Healthy Coseva Organic Essential Oils” with Judy Meyers

Judy will be giving information and explaining how Coseva Organic Essential Oils can remove toxins, increase immune function, and improve heart health.

These oils make excellent Christmas gifts. Judy will have them available for purchase at the workshop. Give your family and friends a naturally healthy gift of essential oils.

WHEN:          Sunday, November 29th, 2015

TIME:              2 to 3 pm

Please RSVP by November 27th by e-mailing Judy at judy@naturallyhealthyyou.ca or calling Judy at 289-208-5591.

Thank you. See you at the workshop.


Breathing Space Yoga & Wellness Services is offering a Kids’ Yoga Series For Ages 6 to 12

WHEN:             Thursday, October 13th and 20th, 2016 and Thursday November 3rd and 10th, 2016

FACILITATOR:   Ann-Marie Anie of Ayressa Wellness Company

TIME:                4pm – 5:15pm

COST:                $60 for 4 days or $15 per day

This class series will engage children using props, stories, and music; provide aerobic/yoga activity and stretching to meet DPA and some curriculum expectations; and introduce simple breathing exercises and mindfulness techniques.


Breathing Space Yoga & Wellness Services is excited to be offering a FREE workshop on

“Natural Health For Your Pets” with Judy Meyers

Judy will be giving information and explaining how Coseva Organic Essential Oils can remove toxins, increase immune function, and treat your pets naturally.

WHEN:          Sunday, November 1st, 2015

TIME:              2 to 3 pm

Please RSVP before October 29th by e-mailing Judy at jmeyers3@cogeco.net

Thank you. See you at the workshop.



“World Peace Meditation Circle” with Doreen South of Angel Whispers Consulting

WHEN:          Friday, November 20th, 2015

TIME:             6:15 to 7:30pm

COST:            $10.00 per person

Participate in consciously co-creating sacred space with the intention of fostering and sustaining global peace utilizing the energy of love, respect, kindness and compassion.
This is a guided meditation where are members are guided through the meditation to achieve oneness in fulfilling our collective intent/purpose.
There are teachings and messages as needed.
Co-create a oneness through ceremony and meditation. Afterwards, enjoy tea and social time. **Please bring your personal tea cup! To show kindness to our Earth, please bring our own water container.
A pillow or mat, (optional: an item to place in the circle to collect the positive energy). This is a fragrance free gathering.
Be a Global Peace Cultivator and join this community of like minded and like heart Beings.
Co-Organizers, Dina Pereira of Breathing Space Yoga and Angela Dea Clark, Author.

Please RSVP at http://www.meetup.com/Hamilton-Spirituality-Meetup/events/219624773/
Hamilton Spirituality Meetup www.meetup.com

This is a Meetup that repeats every month.


Breathing Space Yoga & Wellness Services is honoured to be offering THE ART OF SACRED GEOMETRY AN INTRODUCTORY SESSIONS with Martyn Kendrick.

When:     Saturday, January 30 & Saturday, February 6, 2016

Time:     2 – 4pm

Cost:     $30

No experience in design or art is necessary to benefit from this workshop. Come and learn how to draw the beautiful patterns of sacred geometry seen in art, nature, and architecture using only a geometry compass and straight edge. This workshop is an engaging open eyed meditation. You will walk away with a refined understanding of patterns, a beautiful design of your own making, a stained glass window, perhaps a mandala, or an ancient symbol of beautifully proportioned lines that will surprise and delight you. This workshop appeals to practicing and aspiring artists, people of all ages, mystics, musicians, colourists, movement therapists, educators. This ancient practice leads to effortless mindfulness by merging the left-right brain hemispheres.

Register with Dina Pereira(289-680-9642) at info@breathingspaceyoga.ca or Martyn Kendrick at mksculpturestudios@gmail.com.

Maximum 8 participants per class.

Facilitator Martyn Kendrick is a creativity facilitator, stone sculptor and labyrinth designer. He has traveled the world studying and painting archetypal symbolic patterns. He has been teaching sacred geometry for the last decade. Participants need to bring a geometry compass (Curry’s Art Supplies) and a large format sketch book.


“Aroma-Reflexology” with Christine McCombe of the Natural Way

Have you ever wondered what Reflexology is all about?

Come out, have fun, and discover the benefits of Aroma-Reflexology.

WHEN:                    Monday, November 9th, 2015

TIME:                       7 – 9 pm


This will be a fun, hands on workshop. A brief overview of Reflexology will be given, followed by the techniques used.

Please bring:         coloured pencils, a clipboard, small towel, and pillow.

Please make sure your thumb nails are short!

RSVP by Friday, November 6th, 2015 by contacting:

Dina at Breathing Space Yoga & Wellness Services, 289-680-9642, info@breathingspaceyoga.ca

Christine at The Natural Way, 905-634-1937, relax@naturalway.ca

Happy Feet are Healthy Feet.