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Breathing Space Yoga & Wellness Services offers the following complentary wellness services:

Acupressure     –     $65 per 60-minutes session

Reiki     –     $65 per 60-minutes session

Flower Essences Therapy     –     $150 initial session (involves in-depth assessment)

–     $75 per subsequent 60-minutes session

These prices are subject to change.

Please check our website regularly for information on these fees.

Thank you.

May 2016 bring you hope, good health, happiness, peace, love, success, abundance, and laughter.

Gift Certificates are available for Acupressure Massage and Reiki sessions.

Please call 289-680-9642 or e-mail info@breathingspaceyoga.ca to get further details on the above services and to book a Reiki and/or acupressure massage session, or to purchase gift certificates. Thank you.

We hope to see you in 2016.

Dina Pereira

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“All appears to change when we change.”
Henri Amiel