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At Breathing Space Yoga & Wellness Services we foster a positive and peaceful space for you to relax and renew mind, body, and spirit.

We encourage you to:

  • ŸFeel free to perform your yoga at your own pace and really listen to your body and what it needs.
  • Perform each yoga pose (asana) slowly, carefully, and mindfully.
  • Do not compete with your neighbours or yourself. There is no competition involved in yoga and your neighbours will always be different from you because they are as unique as you are.
  • Be open to what you experience in each class. Each class will be unique and influenced by your outside practice as well as your body’s present moment condition.
  • Ask questions especially before class. During a yoga pose, if you are uncomfortable or feel any pain, come out and ask the teacher for assistance. You want to build from a strong foundation.
  • Be kind and patient with yourself with your yoga practice. Your yoga journey is an ongoing process.
  • Mostly, we want you to relax and enjoy yourself. You have chosen this time to quiet the mind, nurture the spirit, appreciate your body and become more in tune with it.

Please click on FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) in the About Us dropdown menu. You will find that a lot of our policies and guidelines for classes, workshops, and wellness services are answered in these questions and answers. If you still have other questions please call us at 289-680-9642 (YOGA) or e-mail us at info@breathingspaceyoga.ca


IMG_0191- Costa Rica_800x533All participants wanting to attend yoga classes, meditation classes, and workshops must fill out the Breathing Space Yoga & Wellness Services Registration Form and Agreement of Release and Waiver of Liability. Please click on these to headings to access the forms.

Please bring the above forms with you on the first day of attending the class and/or workshop and hand them to the teacher before starting the class and/or workshop. Thank you.